About me

I help companies improve their digital business through data, experience, and agility. I’m currently Director of Strategy at Convincify, which I co-founded in 2013. We focus entirely on digital business optimization, mostly through A/B testing.

I started working in the digital space in about 2002, building affiliate sites. I got heavily involved in paid search and search engine optimization, which I leveraged to start working at MarketingExperiments in 2006. MarkEx gave me my first exposure to CRO and A/B testing, working with clients like the New York Times and Car and Driver.

The limitations of testing and analytics software at the time forced us to test and optimize our own sites which drove traffic to clients. Shortly thereafter, we stopped working with clients entirely, and a small team of us broke away from MarkEx.

Many websites, affiliate programs, and marketing campaigns later, I co-founded an online tax filing company. With just a two person team, we built software, managed marketing campaigns, and answered support requests for millions of tax filers.

Then in 2013, I co-founded Convincify with an old friend and colleague from MarketingExperiments. We started with one client working out of a $400/month office in a rough part of town and grew to working with some of the largest companies online.

If you’re looking to increase conversion online, contact the team at Convincify.